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White Leather Bracelet with Charm

Leather Snap Charm Bracelet White - Includes Two Free Snap Charms

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Product Details:  Leather Bracelet with Interchangeable Snap Charms  

Stylish and trendy jewelry that is an interchangeable leather snap charm bracelet.   Over 100 snap charms available to change your fashion style daily.  

Product Description:  Includes

  • Bracelet:  60cm leather bracelet 
  • Snap pick so you can easily remove your charms from the snap base and snap in a new ones

    Product Charms:  You Select 

    • You receive two free charms of your choice with this product purchase
    • Select any two charms and add to your shopping cart.  Upon checkout the charms will automatically reduce from your product cost. 
    • Charms: 12mm Snap Charm Copper Metal Alloy Zinc with Rhinestones 
    • Product picture snap charm is a sample only and does not ship with the product purchase. 
    • You can also receive two free charms with any earring and necklace purchase so please feel free to purchase matching jewelry accessories. 

      SKU:  White Leather Bracelet